Marco Polo Real Estate School
Leasing Agent. Broker. Managing Broker
Pre License, Post License & Continuing Education
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The Course comprises:
30 Hours Broker Topics Course and
15 Hours Applied Management & Supervision Principles.

Currently Licensed as Broker
Licensed at least 2 out of the preceding 3 years as a Real Estate Broker or Salesperson
Complete the 45 Hour Managing Broker Pre License Course
Pass the State Administered Exam.
Apply for Managing Brokers License from IDFPR

Course 1:  30 Hours Managing Broker Topics
Course 2: 15 Hours Applied Management & Supervision Principles

30 Hours Course = $300

15 Hours interactive course = Live Class $200  

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Instructors Assistance provided with all courses.   

Course Formats

Live Interactive Webinar;

Online Distance Education.

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